CleanFyre represents the future of high-energy, low-carbon-footprint industrial fuel. This breakthrough, carbon neutral and sustainable bio-coal offers similar chemical composition of coal, with the same energy potential and ash profile. 

In addition to delivering coal’s energy performance characteristics, CleanFyre integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, requiring no refit costs for industries that adopt this new product.

Using CleanFyre can lead to exponential savings over the longer term.


Mission & Vision

The creation of CleanFyre was a fortunate side effect. After touring a farm-based biogas plant, CHAR Technologies co-founder Andrew White set out to create SulfaCHAR, an adsorbent that removes the hydrogen sulfide from methane gas. 

During SulfaCHAR’s development, Andrew and his team realized that a similar process could be used to create a cost-effective, sustainable fuel that worked the same way as coal. The result was CleanFyre.